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What is Team VA?

Team VA (Virtual Assistant) is the newest service offered by OBI Services. Our Team VA consists of individuals with specialized skills from Data Entry and SaaS Support to Content Writing. Clients can avail of the services of multiple VAs on a single payment plan.

We have established guidelines for communication and collaboration for the Team VA to function effectively. This includes regular meetings, utilizing project management tools to track progress, and setting clear deadlines.

Effective communication and collaboration are the keys to the success of Team VA, as team members need to be able to quickly and efficiently share information and collaborate on tasks.

What Is The Team VA Process?

The team responsible for initial client contact will answer any questions the client may have and provide information about the services offered. An appointment to discuss the project in more detail will then be scheduled after the initial client queries and additional information will be addressed.

During the meeting, the team will ask questions to better understand the client’s needs and goals. If the client decides to move forward with the project, they will purchase the plan that best fits their needs. The team will assist the client with the purchasing process and answer any questions they may have.

Once the plan has been purchased, the team will introduce the client to the Account Manager who will be the one to handle the project. The Account manager will review all the project information and video recordings of the meeting between the team and the Client to better understand the project.

Communications will take place through Client Portal. The Account Manager will send emails before starting the project. This includes the goal for that day and may need additional information (e.g. credentials or access to the client’s software or files). Before the day ends, the Account Manager will send an update to the team before sending the report to the client.

The Account Manager may schedule meetings if there are other tasks that need clear information, discuss the project’s progress and address any issues that may arise.

Once the project is completed, the Account Manager will deliver the output to the team for final processing before sending it to the client for feedback.

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